Checkerboard Flooring Ideas

February 04, 2015 By: PKeith Category: Flooring

black and white checkered flooring

Checkerboard flooring should be a thing that would make every home looks more unique and certainly edgier. That is because this flooring style is still considered very over-the-top. But don’t you worry because that is exactly what you need for a special but still homey sanctuary. So, what you are waiting for, check out these […]

Cedar Paneling for Closets

February 03, 2015 By: PKeith Category: Decorating Ideas

cedar closet

Cedar paneling would certainly be a great addition to your closet. It is not only because panels could make the structure of your closet stronger but also because you could make use of cedar scent to keep the air inside the closet fresher. But of course you need to pick aromatic cedar for it because […]

Bohemian Bedrooms Ideas

February 03, 2015 By: PKeith Category: Bedroom Ideas

bohemian bedroom

In decorating bedroom, there are people who are interested in applying bohemian bedroom ideas recently. The main reason why people may choose such bohemian bedroom style is about the fact that they love to gain unique and gothic style of bedroom indeed. It may provide them with good quality of design indeed. If you are […]

Counter Stools for Mini Bar

February 02, 2015 By: PKeith Category: Table And Chairs

bar and counter stools

Counter stools are the furniture that we often encounter in the bar or food stalls. One of the most typical is how you can sit with a certain height. And this is a relaxing way to enjoy valuable time. But you can also put them in the house. That does not mean that you will put […]

Modern Bathroom Cabinets for the Large House

February 02, 2015 By: PKeith Category: Bathroom Ideas

bathroom vanity cabinets

The Modern bathroom cabinets will be really applicable for the modern house style. If you build the house in the modern style, we recommend the modern bathroom too. Of course the application of the cabinets in that bathroom must be in the same style too. You can go to the interior designers to ask the […]